Scott Gairdner anchors Juggalos News for your Insane Clown News Network (+ other crazy videos)

Los Angeles-based comedian Scott Gairdner brings us a new video this afternoon that imagines what the "Juggalos," the self-described bunch of fans who love whatever it is the Insane Clown Posse and its ilk is doing, would do if they took over a cable news network. Is this any more ridiculous than you'd expect? Of course it contains profanities. And horror clown makeup.

If you'd like to see some other recent offerings from Gairdner and his comedy friends, try this on for size. It's a parody of the Chicago Bears "Super Bowl Shuffle" called "Sex Offender Shuffle." Roll it!

And this 2006 take on a soap opera called "Cutthrote Hospital" has Gairdner playing the straight man to the melodrama plot twists, and also appears to star a young Nasim Pedrad. Would you like to see that? CLARIFICATION: Gairdner has told me that my eyes are deceiving me, and that isn't Nasim. Clearly, I wanted it to be. Crikey.

Sean L. McCarthy

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