Sean Patton on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Shades of Belushi?

I watched comedian Sean Patton make his network television debut last night on NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and sitting in the studio audience, I knew he'd knocked it out of the park. He had Fallon buckling over with the laughter, he had The Roots laughing loudly and often, and the rest of the audience was along for the ride.

Fallon even plugged Patton's weekly free comedy showcase at Kabin in the East Village (after earlier plugging a benefit Questlove is doing tonight at The Bell House in Brooklyn — how very NYC hipster of Fallon, right?). Anyhow. For online, NBC cut the end-of-set plug along with the intro, but the rest of Patton's set remains here (try here on if you can't watch Hulu). Direct your attention to the video and notice how much the camera seems to love him, and also how Patton takes his time and remembers to play to both the camera and even The Roots.

When I gave you some background information on Sean Patton in my "Meet Me In New York" Q&A with him yesterday, I didn't mention how he bears more than a passing resemblance to the late John Belushi. But just watch Belushi's 1975 screen test for the original Saturday Night Live. There's good reason to compare Patton to Belushi, and for only the right reasons. The funny ones. Enjoy!

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12 thoughts on “Sean Patton on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Shades of Belushi?

  1. I agree with TC – Not only were his set-ups too long, but he obviously did the TV version of bombing (he got laughs but not enuf considering how the crowd is always pumped for the stand-up acts)

  2. What do you guys know from funny???
    But I KIND OF know what you’re trying to get at.
    I heard that last bit about the imaginary girlfriend on a podcast of Big Terrific on Breakthru Radio a few weeks ago and the ending was such a surprise I almost hyperventilated. And I’m so far removed from this whole thing, it feels sort of presumptuous to even say this, but I hoped he’d do the calling-in-sick-to-work bit, because that’s what I show people when I tell them how funny I think Sean Patton is.
    The set ups are long, but they’re worth it, no? And there are certainly mini-punchlines throughout Patton’s winding tales. I think you guys are missing the forest for the trees, which are hilarious trees, by the way.

  3. As you MUST know becca, comedy is subjective, right?
    we’re allowed to not like his stuff (as i write this, i can feel the alt-comics sharpening their swords)
    what isn’t subjective was the audience reaction – his “mini-punchlines” were met more by nervous laughs rather than anything genuine, and sorry, but two real laughs per minute doesnt cut it for me.

  4. Why are you guys being so tough on Belushi? I mean, I know he hasn’t had as long a career as his brother, Jim, but still…

  5. (Assuming we’re talking about Patton?) -He seemed comfortable, took his time, and like Sean said, played well to the camera, crowd, and people on stage. His comfort made the audience comfortable and trust him more on the (somethings long) journeys/set-ups. No question his ‘laughs-per-minute’ ratio was low, but I suppose that’s a matter of preference – I don’t hold it against him if he was comfortable and it is deliberate.
    True nonetheless that his ‘mini-punchlines’ could’ve been punchier, and (when making some faces in particular) whats with the striking Bobby Moynihan resemblance?

  6. Measuring a comedian by his ‘laughs-per-minute’ is stupid. If that’s what you’re concerned about when you’re watching comedy, I don’t think you get what comedy is all about.

  7. Wow! Apparently some of you took Stand-Up Quantum Theory from Starla Muraz at the Learning Annex.
    Patton did great! Yeah, it started out as a Cinderella story in Montreal, but he’s already blowing most of us fucks out of the water!

  8. Patton gets great payoffs – and they are worth it. I’m excited to have him on one of my upcoming shows. And, if you’ve seen his sets, you know that this was fairly heavily modified for tv. His club sets are dynamite.

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