David Cross heads across the pond to film new UK comedy series (which will air in the US, eventually)

If you attended last night's packed taping of Comedy Death-Ray Radio inside New York's UCB Theatre, you were treated to the mostly improvised antics of Todd Barry, David Cross, Zach Galifianakis and Winny the whiny baby (John Gemberling) with host Scott Aukerman.

David Cross, sporting a red, knee-length sweatshirt, joked when Aukerman asked him about a potential third squeakquel to Alvin and the Chipmunks. "I'm so at piece with it," Cross said, adding later: "There's no accounting for the taste of 5-year-olds." He then said that within 12 hours, he'd be flying off to London where he'd be working until August. He didn't elaborate. But he doesn't have to.

Cross is starring in a new sitcom for Britain's Channel 4 called The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, in which he plays an American beverage salesman who gets promoted above his skill level to become the boss of the London office. The pilot's cast included brief appearances by Will Arnett and Cross' girlfriend, Amber Tamblyn, and Cross wrote it with British comedian Shaun Pye. Channel 4 has ordered six episodes, so off to the UK for Mr. Cross and company. Great news for the Brits! Don't worry, though, Yanks…

The Comic's Comic has learned that IFC has a deal in the works to rebroadcast the first seven-episode season here in the United States. Don't have a date certain just yet. But still. Hoorays all around!

Want to watch the pilot? Here you go. It's NSFW, but it'll give you something to look forward to later in 2010. Did I say hooray yet? Where can I get some Thunder Muscle? "It's like drinking ten lightnings!" The title is self-explanatory, methinks. Poor Todd Margaret, what with his increasingly poor decisions. See how it all started to go wrong. Roll it!

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