Oh, snap! Landline TV calls out Andy Samberg and his SNL Digital Shorts in meta-parody

Andy Samberg and his fellow comedians from The Lonely Island made their mark as new Saturday Night Live cast members by reinvigorating the SNL Digital Short for the digital video-sharing age (that's the brand-nonspecific alternative to saying YouTube age, right?). Their "Lazy Sunday" rap earned SNL a new generation of fans via YouTube, and they've since won an Emmy for "Dick in a Box," and their "I'm on a Boat" rap collaboration with T-Pain is up for a Grammy this weekend.

Plenty of people have tried replying or duplicating what they do with their own YouTube videos, but mostly in admiration.

That said, Samberg and his crew have definitely settled into a couple of very comfortable thematic devices that could themselves be ripe for comedy, and the folks at Landline TV have fired a shot across their bow with this one. Roll the clip!

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24 thoughts on “Oh, snap! Landline TV calls out Andy Samberg and his SNL Digital Shorts in meta-parody

  1. Yeah they’re really “Calling him out” on his comedic voice… what a jerk, having a comedic voice.
    If this came from a place of comedy instead of a place of anger, it might be more watchable.

  2. OMG! This is fucking awesome, whether it comes from anger OR comedy! Straight up, balls out awesome!

  3. Dude looks more like that dick from american pie, than the dick from saturday night lie-ve

  4. There is nothing original in this video. Please, let’s not reward these guys for recreating shots another person dreamed up and making lame insults about people far more talented and risk-taking than they’ll ever be.

  5. The only thing funnier than the video is the people white-knighting Samberg like the video isn’t entirely accurate.

  6. This video totally sukz and/or is completely earth-shatteringly brilliant. Stick it to Samberg / Lonely Island rules!!

  7. I’m not too big on Samberg and his digital shorts, nor am I too familiar with “Landline” but, I do know one thing – One guy is making more than likely 6 figures doing what he does on national TV while the other is on the internet.

  8. It’s ABOUT TIME somebody called Andy Samberg out! He has had a free ride for long enough!
    Seriously though, this made me chuckle a few times. Or that was indigestion.

  9. Valid complaints, but guess what? The Lonely Island is funny. You guys aren’t. Their repetitive bullshit makes me chuckle. This got no response. Don’t hate the player, hate the game, guys. There are far less funny people making far more money than TLI. Like Jay Leno.

  10. Jealous haters. Samberg and co. have made many videos that are as this video suggests, but many more that are NOT. This video comes off as angry and small. How sad to try to make a name for yourself by tearing down someone else’s. They clearly aspire to be just like him and put A LOT of effort into trying to show how to make his videos. Instead of just making something ORIGINAL. Fucking posers.

  11. This is so stupid. Yeah, screw those SNL guys for making funny videos. I think someone is jealous.

  12. Some SNL Digital Shorts are better than others…and some Lonely Island bits were better than others. But I’m racking my brain, but I just can’t find a comic take to disparage the efforts of Andy, Jorma, Akiva, and whoever else works on their projects. So I ask, ‘was this dig necessary?’

  13. Just because you think this isn’t funny doesn’t mean you’re a Lonely Island fanboy — it just means you have a good sense of humor. Plus, at least Lonely Island has fans. This is the first and (I’m willing to bet) last time we’ll here from LandlineTV. Of all the insipid garbage out there that passes for comedy, going after Samberg would be pretty far down my list. If they really wanted to be meta they should have made a parody of a bunch of wannabees who would kill to be on SNL making a parody of people who have actually accomplished something.

  14. I mostly agree with Reggie456 and Jibber Jabber. The video isn’t funny but I have to say it was done well. Don’t know how you make fun of the shorts with Timberlake in them. Those are gold. Smells like hatin’…
    To Skeletor: Six figures? You think?

  15. Thank you Steve and others for convincing me that Samberg is genius. I’ve seen the err of my ways! Wait… no. He’s not funny. The first time he was on SNL until now, not funny. Repetitive. Mundane. Predictable.

  16. Even if you like Samberg & TLI, you should appreciate this as a parody. I like TLI and thought this was funny. Too many people with sticks up their butts.
    Honestly, the ending could have been different, but what would Samberg have done? Probably the same thing.

  17. No one can be truly successful without having haters.
    The last time I checked Samberg is the second coming of Christ.

  18. Andy Samberg was one of the commedians I admire. On Saturday Night Live, he and The Lonely Island have been credited with popularizing the Emmy-winning SNL Digital Shorts. I did enjoy watching that. I wish I could meet him personally. He was a cool rapper too.

  19. “Lazy Sunday” rap was something unforgettable and definitely, these guys deserve a chance of the big screen! I mean, they are really talented and in the near future, I’m sure they will be even more famous.

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