Funny or Die has posted some fake movie trailers in its first couple of years, but today, they've got a trailer for an actual Funny or Die movie. Well, a short film. But still. Roll the clip!

So, what's with The Big Dog? Director Eric Appel explained on his Tumblr:

My good friend Charlie Sanders had just moved here from NY, so we got together and wrote a 19 page script based on a character he used to do in his one-man show at UCB, ‚ÄúYou‚Äôre Welcome For What You‚Äôre About To See‚Äù – a down and out regional pizza chain manager named Ron. FOD loved the script, so we moved forward with the project, did a few rewrites, and assembled an AMAZING cast including Bob Odenkirk, Nelson Franklin, Rich Sommer, Jessica St. Claire, and Andrew Astor (who you might recognize as Little George Bush from the Little 911 sketch on ‚ÄúHuman Giant‚Äù).

Look for the full film on Funny or Die sometime in March!