There are a lot more serious things going on in the world while us comedy fans talk about late-night TV comedy talk shows.

Sylvince Stand-up comedian Wil Sylvince, a past winner of New York's Funniest Stand-Up contest and native of Haiti, knows this all too well. The devastating 7.0 earthquake Tuesday near Haiti's capital city has killed thousands. Sylvince just posted this message on Facebook.

"Thank U 2 all 4 UR prayers & support 2
Haiti's horrible disaster Donate: Clinton Foundation- Donate $10 to Haiti- Red
Cross: Text "HAITI" to 90999 or log to & click
"DONATE" Donate $5 to Haiti- Wyclef Jean's Organization Yele.Org: Text
"Yele" to 501501 Contact loved ones in Haiti- US State Department in
Haiti: 1-888 407-4747"

Sylvince also posted a link to this Facebook Haiti group page. So please do what you can to help.

On tonight's Late Show, David Letterman also takes a couple of minutes to tell people they also can donate to the World Food Project. Here's a clip.