Tonight’s previews: Letterman on NBC “pinheads,” Leno on “America’s most dysfunctional TV family”

Another night, another round of jokes about NBC.

In his monologue tonight, Jay Leno ribbed NBC as "America's most dysfunctional TV family" and noted that while Conan O'Brien only got seven months to make his show work, Leno only got four months. "I'll take his agent!" Leno quipped. Roll the clip.

David Letterman, meanwhile, regaled his audience tonight with tales of back when he was on the Peacock Network. Remember how he used to poke fun at management often when he was in the Late Night slot? Well, he reminds us all about some of the "pinheads" and "nitwits" and "mouth-breathers" who tried to douse the fun, even when Letterman was trying to have a prime-time anniversary special and party. Letterman joked about visiting Jimmy Fallon last week, and thought more about Carson Daly, because Dave is looking out for the kids, right? In his mind, every kid who wants a show should be able to get a show, right? Roll it.

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