Day: January 13, 2010

Tonight’s previews: Letterman on NBC “pinheads,” Leno on “America’s most dysfunctional TV family”

Another night, another round of jokes about NBC. In his monologue tonight, Jay Leno ribbed NBC as "America's most dysfunctional TV family" and noted that while Conan O'Brien only got seven months to make his show work, Leno only got four months. "I'll take his agent!" Leno quipped. Roll the clip. David Letterman, meanwhile, regaled his audience tonight with tales of back when he was on the Peacock Network. Remember how he used to poke fun at management often when he was in the Late Night slot? Well, he reminds us all about some of the "pinheads" and "nitwits" and "mouth-breathers" who tried to douse the fun, even when Letterman was trying to have a prime-time anniversary special and party. Letterman joked about visiting Jimmy Fallon last week, and thought more about Carson Daly, because Dave is looking out for the kids, right? In his mind, every kid who wants a show should be able to get a show, right? Roll...

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Wil Sylvince tells you how you can help his native Haitians; Letterman also makes a plea on TV

There are a lot more serious things going on in the world while us comedy fans talk about late-night TV comedy talk shows. Stand-up comedian Wil Sylvince, a past winner of New York's Funniest Stand-Up contest and native of Haiti, knows this all too well. The devastating 7.0 earthquake Tuesday near Haiti's capital city has killed thousands. Sylvince just posted this message on Facebook. "Thank U 2 all 4 UR prayers & support 2 Haiti's horrible disaster Donate: Clinton Foundation- Donate $10 to Haiti- Red Cross: Text "HAITI" to 90999 or log to & click "DONATE" Donate $5 to Haiti- Wyclef Jean's Organization Yele.Org: Text "Yele" to 501501 Contact loved ones in Haiti- US State Department in Haiti: 1-888 407-4747" Sylvince also posted a link to this Facebook Haiti group page. So please do what you can to help. On tonight's Late Show, David Letterman also takes a couple of minutes to tell people they also can donate to the World Food Project. Here's a...

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In case you haven’t seen it, Questlove shows us RZA’s audition for Parks & Recreation

I know this has circulated quite a bit already today, but in case you haven't seen it, this is a nice change of pace from all of the late-night TV comedy shenanigans. Recently, Questlove — drummer for The Roots, and with that, drummer for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon — put out a theory on Twitter about how the cast of NBC's Parks and Recreation could have been played by various members of Wu-Tang Clan. That was funny in itself. But with the proper connections, we can see how this plays out in real-life, and here is a look at RZA on the set with Rashida Jones, Aziz Ansari and Amy Poehler. Of course, the show was built around Poehler from the start, but it's still amusing to see that this could happen just off of Twitter. Roll the...

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Deon Cole tells Conan O’Brien what kind of ho he is, because show business is for pimps

After Conan O'Brien published a press release yesterday afternoon saying he would not harm the Tonight Show franchise by moving it a half-hour past the late local news, but did not explicitly say he was quitting, everyone wondered what his show would be like last night. Well, Conan had plenty of jokes about NBC and did not want to hear his guests Tom Brokaw and Zachary Levi mention the network — despite the sad but obvious fact that, well, both of his guests were employed by NBC and also because Conan's situation was the only situation worth talking about (and that includes you, Jersey Shore guy). Conan kept it kinda classy, however, by not elaborating on his statement. Instead, he let his staffers do the joking for him. Deon Cole, who jumped from stand-up to writer on the show, emerged to tell Conan how it really is, by comparing NBC's late-night lineup to a bunch of prostitutes working for the pimp network. Because, really, if you think about it, show business has some things in common with the oldest profession. If you don't have control over your broadcasting airwaves, you're going to have to take a lot of abuse from the boss. But do you, really? Roll the...

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Jimmy Kimmel’s Leno experiment, with Chevy Chase as Conan?

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel would not be denied the spotlight, even though he knew, you knew, I knew, we all knew that everyone would be tuning into Conan O'Brien to see what he'd do on The Tonight Show. So. What to do? How about putting on a fake wig and chin and doing the entire show as Jay Leno? No. Seriously? That's what Kimmel did. It was amazingly weird, for all of the reasons you're guessing, but even more so considering that one of his guests was Chevy Chase, who not only works on an NBC show currently but also more infamously had one of the more infamously brief appearances of his own in late-night TV. Which probably explains why Chase dressed up as Conan but for some reason tried to duplicate Kimmel's Leno accent. That's what his lisp was about, right? I don't know. Just watch the...

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