Jimmy Fallon’s celebrity Troll Doll impersonations, from 1996 to now-ish

My friends at The Laugh Factory uploaded videos of a young Jimmy Fallon, before he was on Saturday Night Live, performing stand-up on their West Hollywood stage in 1996. Would you like to take a look? Here is Fallon doing an early version of his bit with celebrity impersonations promoting the Troll dolls. With a Troll doll as a prop! Roll the clip.

Cut to now-ish. Or at least post-SNL but pre-Late Night. Fallon is famous. Touring theaters. And still, a couple of years ago, might still be known to break out the Troll doll bit for you. Here's what it looked like with a decade of polish and a crowd of adoring fans. Take Two!

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3 thoughts on “Jimmy Fallon’s celebrity Troll Doll impersonations, from 1996 to now-ish

  1. This is fascinating! As an open mic comic who just started doing hosting gigs, it confirms what I’ve learned: a comedian’s reputation and the size of the audience are the two biggest variables in determining the size of the laughs. Even when the material and delivery are virtually identical.

  2. I can’t imagine someone saying this is a horrible bit! This is hilarious! He is fabulous!

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