I'm beginning to understand how someone like Nikki Finke can become an Internet crank who stays inside like a hermit and yells TOLDJA! everytime her scoops get re-reported by the "mainstream" media.

For the dozen or so of you who read The Comic's Comic on a daily basis, my apologies in advance for publicizing my annoyance. But really. If your name isn't Jeff Dunham, or someone who worked on his Comedy Central "sitcom" this fall, then you read about Dunham's puppet prank series getting cancelled — or failing to get renewed — on my site a week ago. Perhaps because it was Dec. 23, the mainstream media couldn't follow through with their own reports until after Christmas and the weekend. And so it was today, the following Tuesday morning, that The Hollywood Reporter reached out and got Comedy Central to confirm my report. No link. Then the New York Times cited THR's report. Again, no link. I know they know about my site, because they've followed my scoops on TV comedy before. And Dave went to the same college I did, so he must be a good kid and it couldn't be his fault. He did give me a ReTweet today, for what that's worth. The New York Times and the trades just don't want to acknowledge that a lone Internet journalist could be scooping them on a regular basis. Yes. That must be it. Oh, no. I have become that crank already, haven't I? Lord, help me be less cranky in 2010. Oh, I'll still be giving you comedy scoops. Just with less crank. That's my hopeful promise to you. Now, where was I?