All Chris Gethard wants for Christmas is Al Roker — make that Diddy! — to appear on his UCB show

Do you believe in Christmas miracles? I sure do. So when I saw this posted overnight (Santa and I work similar hours), I just had to share it with you so you could spread the word. Comedian/actor Chris Gethard has a simple request this Christmas. He'd like Al Roker from NBC's Today show to appear on his upcoming UCB Theatre show, The Chris Gethard Show, on Jan. 9, 2010. Gethard made his personal request via video overnight. Roll the clip!

I asked him if he had anything to add, and Gethard told me the video pretty much speaks for itself. And here is a short statement from Gethard which accompanied this clip on YouTube:

I just want to live in a world where if enough of us ask nicely enough, Al Roker will come and make a random appearance at the Chris Gethard Show 1/9/10 at midnight at the UCB Theater in NYC. Please blog this video, please nicely tweet Al Roker @alroker to let him know about it (use #rokergethard), please come and be a part of the fun by making a reservation for the show ( or 212-366-9176). How great would it be to know that stuff like this can happen? Let's all get behind it and engineer ourselves a Christmas miracle.

You heard the man. Can you help him?

UPDATED (9 a.m.)!?! What was Al Roker doing up late on Christmas Eve — was he coming home from Midnight Mass, delivering presents to children via chimneys, or what — because @alroker already replied via Twitter to Chris Gethard, saying:

Picture 1
So, Gethard, thinking quickly, made another video then raised the stakes. How about Diddy? Yes. Sean Puffy Puff Daddy P Diddy Diddy Combs. Diddy, can you hear him? If nothing else, this is saying something remarkable about how technology really is bringing us all a little bit closer together. Roll the new clip!

Let's see if we need to update this again today, people! Reblog it, Tweet @iamdiddy, and use the hashtag #DiddyGethard. "You are not a second choice at all, man. You're not a backburner choice…I'm saying, go even bigger!" Who's bigger than Diddy? Am I right, Diddy?

UPDATED Dec. 31, 2009: It's on! Diddy said on Twitter that he's out of town on Jan. 9, but he also talked to Gethard on the phone, then wrote this:

Picture 5

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