liked Bob Dylan’s “comedy” CD more than yours in 2009, except for these 9 lucky comics

Do the people at have a sense of humor or what? Choose wisely. Because they just posted their list of the 10 Best Comedy Albums of 2009. Did you make the cut? Let me put it this way. Were you funnier than Bob Dylan on record? Because his CD, Christmas in the Heart, came in at #10 on Amazon's list.

Sure. Why not? I bet it's a laugh riot. Here were the top nine comedy albums in's opinion from this year. Not sure I agree, but then again, I haven't come up with my list yet. Theirs tops out with The Lonely Island, followed by Patton Oswalt, Doug Benson, Flight of the Conchords, Eugene Mirman, Dana Gould, Maria Bamford, Jim Gaffigan and Nick Swardson. You can check them all out via this handy carousel.

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4 thoughts on “ liked Bob Dylan’s “comedy” CD more than yours in 2009, except for these 9 lucky comics

  1. I’m getting a reputation for being obsessed about this…but it’s starting to give me a complex.
    Did these people not hear “The Top Part” by John Mulaney?
    Other than that…good stuff here…

  2. I agree with the first commenter. John Mulaney is not among my favorite comics right now… he’s MY FAVORITE. He deserves all the awards – plus many pats to the back and hindquarters for “The Top Part”.
    Though, if Bob Dylan is Amazon’s idea of comedy, maybe I shouldn’t have my undies in a bunch over Mulaney not making this list… I should mention that I do REALLY like a lot of the other albums on the list.

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