They grow up so fast, don't they? Kidding. Sort of. It feels like just four months ago that Myq Kaplan was a "new face" at Montreal for Just For Laughs, and here he is making his network TV debut performing stand-up comedy on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien! Kaplan is a master at wordplay and has plenty of new material, but for his debut here, he went back to the well for some of his oldies-but-goodies-that-you-would-never-know-were-oldies-if-you-never-heard-of-him-before. Eggsactly. As someone who has watched from afar and aclose, it's fun to see someone succeed in front of your very eyes. Also interesting, if only for trivial matters, was seeing Myq Kaplan in a jacket (did he get it from Joe Wong? do not discuss) and also how he went straight for the couch instead of having Conan come to him (although it appears that was a time issue more than anything). Anyhow. Congrats, Myq! If you cannot watch on Hulu, perhaps you can watch him via I don't know how the Internet works. For everyone else, roll the clip!