Why did some people run to YouTube and Howard Stern to claim that comedians Louis CK and Nick DiPaolo had gotten into a fight last night at The Comedy Cellar? Beats me! Louis CK had said he was filming scenes for his upcoming FX sitcom yesterday, telling anyone who wanted to know this on Twitter. And DiPaolo, who appeared on CK's HBO show Lucky Louie, also has a role in his FX version, called Louie. So why, oh why, was there all this fuss (and many people coming to my site looking for info about this so-called fight)???

It's because people are idiots, jerks and sometimes both. Louis CK himself felt he had to weigh in on the message board for the "relevant" thread on A Special Thing, letting everyone know that someone who was a paid extra at the filming decided to record part of the dialogue between him and DiPaolo, manipulate it via audio and video, then circulate it via YouTube, and then it got picked up by Stern on the radio this morning. Seriously? Seriously.

As Louis CK said:

"Anyway, I'm happy that we played the scene real enough for folks to believe it, but it's a drag to have this contamination of the project. Everything in the show should be unexpected and certainly this was supposed to be."

Are you happy now?