It's 5 a.m. on the day after Thanksgiving. Are you in line for a big holiday shopping deal? If so, I wonder if you're hunting for bargains at Target. The Minnesota-based discount retail giant turned to a comedian from its home state, Maria Bamford, to voice its holiday ad campaign. Of course the ads are funny. They tap into Bamford's many voices to great effect. To comedy fans, there's an extra layer of fun knowing that Bamford has a bit about running into one of her high-school classmates at a Target. You can see the entire Maria Bamford campaign for Target's 2-Day Sale on YouTube, or check out the other goodies with Bamford and her "sister" on Target's site. Here are the two newest ads:

And if you want to hear more from Bamford, she has a new stand-up comedy special that you can download from her site for FREE on Dec. 1. Check out that and other news from the Bammer here. Happy holidays!