Chris Gethard may be known to Upright Citizens Brigade fans for his ability to improvise, or perhaps for his curious impersonation of Darryl Strawberry. But on the TV, for ESPN, he is the Superfan. Here is Gethard's latest commercial for ESPN. When can we get our own Me + Lo = Melo shirts?

But that's not all. You saw how that said "The Return of Superfan," right? In case you missed it last year, here was what happened when Gethard got picked up by an RV carrying the Celtics' Paul Pierce.

Of course, neither of those videos are as cruelly funny as the music video Gethard did last year for another NBA star, "I'm Gay (for Gilbert Arenas)." Now that's a superfan. Meanwhile, here are some other ads that have featured Gethard in the past year…

Chris Gethard for D-Con:

Chris Gethard for H&R Block: