How many different types of vampire videos can you watch in one mortal lifetime?

Did I mention Halloween is coming, and with it, more comedy? I did, didn't I? Surprise, surprise, just launched a new online series called Intercourse With A Vampire, and it's very NSFW, as if you could not ascertain by the word "Intercourse" in the title. Watch, if you dare!

Intercourse With A Vampire, Episode 1 Funny Videos | Sci-Fi & Horror Hilarity | Psycho Chicks & Total Dicks

So this makes how many different types of vampire videos, at this point? I stopped counting a while ago. Thankfully, the kids at CollegeHumor have kept count on the draculas and choculas and other batty immortals. And they brought them all together for a Vampire Reunion! Roll it.

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