The quiet revival of Super Deluxe

Without much fanfare, Super Deluxe quietly has returned to our Internets this month.

Word surfaced in October that Turner planned to revive its alt-alt comedy site, which had been a home for offbeat webseries and one-off funny videos in 2007 and 2008, before being folded into Turner’s alt-comedy Adult Swim, and then folded up shop entirely months later.

Starting last week, though, the home page of Super Deluxe rebooted, displaying a new static welcome message and new social media buttons for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

“Funny and smart videos from funny and smart weirdos who are probably a lot like you. Shorts, series, animations and a smattering of documentaries and music. Plus apps, sites and games.”

The site’s first new video was auspicious, animated and short. Like a random voicemail message. Actually, exactly like a random voicemail.

The first video to gain any momentum is a remix of Jerry Seinfeld’s May 2015 appearance on The Steve Harvey Show, which was made by Vic Berger IV, director of Neil Hamburger’s music video for “Endless Roll” and already has generated hundreds of Twitter likes and RTs, and 13,000+ views on YouTube since uploading Monday.

There’s also this pilot for a series called “Disengaged” by Hannah Utt and Jen Tullock, which posits: “When the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage is announced, Sidney and Jules are faced with the age-old question of “get married or break up?””


They’ve also dug up and repackaged a couple of “Super Deluxe Classics” such as Brody Stevens interviewing buddy Zach Galifianakis and David Cross.

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