Is Katt Williams the Tupac of stand-up comedy? Well, no. Of course not. Katt Williams is very much alive, even though he allegedly did retire at the end of 2008, and even people close to him told me recently they haven't heard much from him since said retirement. So when I learned that Williams had a "new" DVD out today, I thought, really? Turns out this new documentary, while intriguing in itself, is really a piece of work that's been around for a while, as this clip tells us that all of the footage comes from 2005 — which is intriguing because it's essentially from when the masses really started to catch on to what he was all about. OK. Roll the clip! (Note: Contains language that is NSFW, and also ads for other things?)

Here is a more official clip from the DVD:

His own website doesn't have much news to report this year, either. But it did put up an update this summer to help sell more KW merch, in the form of an iPhone app…

Here that is!

And if you'd like to buy the DVD (I'd suggest it for big fans who want to complete a collection), here's a link: