Sometimes the Internet gives you lemonade, and sometimes it gives you an Arnold Palmer. What's that, you say? Look, I cannot explain everything to you. That's Google's job. Or is it Bing? Whichever one will sponsor The Comic's Comic first, I say! Anyhow. Where was I? Oh, right. Tracy Morgan: Comedian, actor, mythical being.

Yesterday, the Internets told me about a site named Twacy that begged Tracy Morgan to join Twitter and share with us his insights in tiny 140-character-or-less bursts. And about two hours ago, while you were wondering if Twitter had frozen for good, we realized that Tracy Morgan had signed up for the service and been verified as such. So maybe the @RealTracyMorgan made Twitter stop in its tracks! Be careful what you wish for, because well, you may just get it. Which means this video is already outdated. Yay? Roll it anyhow! Roll it, I say!