I don't normally write about legal and personal issues for comedians, because they often have nothing to do with actual comedy, and sometimes turn out to be frivolous, and common people will forget the frivolous part but remember the initial allegations. That said, I did some idle searching of Google News this morning and spotted this headline that I thought had to be fake: "Comedian Carr accused of speeding." From the BBC News, even. So I clicked through and prepared to laugh and laugh at this obviously fake satire. Which, of course, turned out to be true? Me confused. Me very confused. There's even a BBC News TV report on it. So for everyone who thinks American TV goes overboard reporting about trivial celebrity nonsense, know that the BBC is just as incapable at times. Bravo.

Here, at least, is a video of Jimmy Carr making funny on the British telly about oil, automobiles, driving at high speeds and related things, courtesy of Top Gear: