Lovable pervert? “Mitch Fatel is Magical,” the Comedy Central DVD

When you're in a comedy club with stand-up headshots framed on the wall, you're sure to notice and remember Mitch Fatel's photo. There are many. But only one has him standing fully naked, clutching a taller naked woman. Adorable? Perverted? Well, a little of both is a good thing for fans of Mitch Fatel.

And that's just one reason why his new hourlong special, which debuts tonight on Comedy Central and becomes available as a full hour-plus DVD on Sept. 22, is called Mitch Fatel: Mitch Fatel Is Magical.

This is another. Perhaps you have seen a video much like this elsewhere on the Internets? It opens with Fatel taking a bubble bath and includes a clip from his special about pre-sex warnings. Roll the clip!

The full 63-minute set (you'll only get about 40-43 minutes on Comedy Central) opens with a magic trick, and Fatel's interaction with a bikini babe allows him to get right into his main subject: Sex. From breasts to nipples, to oral sex — "oral sex will never be a consolation prize" — homosexuality, bestiality, anal sex, internet sex, his own methods of birth control (praying is #2 on his list of options), and a cat named Candy Cane. He addresses all of this in a soft, slow and creepy cadence, that somehow winds up sounding like a shy and naive child, just discovering all of this for the first time, and yet also sharing his newfound expertise with all of us with keen awareness. In one of the DVD extras, you see and hear Fatel in the official photo shoot with his girlfriend, and in his regular speaking voice, he says "I'm not retarded, you know," and well, now we do know. He also explains the DVD title within the special, recounting a tale of how his fame has made him more appealing to the ladies.

In a new interview with my friends at Rooftop Comedy, Fatel also explained how he went from being an intern for Howard Stern, to coming back many years later as a guest:

It was pretty cool. The Howard Stern thing was always very fun for me. When I left his show, I didn’t go back for 20 years. The thinking there was that I didn’t want to go back as his intern, I wanted to go back as a successful stand-up comedian. And Howard really respected that. And he said that he was really proud of me. I don’t have a really supportive family as far as what I did for a living. Well, they are now, but they didn’t think I could make a living by doing stand-up, so they tried to talk me out of it. Howard was my father figure in this business, and he told me, very seriously, that he was really proud of me. And that was probably one of the best moments of my life.
Howard meant a lot to me, and was so inspirational in my life, and he appreciates the way I lived my life. He was never mad at me that I didn’t talk to the show for 15 years, because he thought it was cool that I had that drive in me that I wanted to make it on my own.

Here's another clip, in which Mitch Fatel gives you tips about mixing ladies and alcohol:

If you buy the DVD, you'll also see an outtake from the special in which Fatel battles a water bottle, interviews with his fans, some of whom try to impersonate him, and there's also an animated version of his bit about matching bras and panties.

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