Who could replace Jon Stewart on The Daily Show? Here are 14 possibilities

Jon Stewart is back at work on The Daily Show for Comedy Central after three weeks of vacation. But what if he didn't come back? After all, one of these days, he won't. And with all of the talk over on NBC about talk show hosts (as well as the recent announcement that Charles Gibson would retire from the real TV news anchor desk at ABC), well. It got some people, myself included, to thinking. And you now what they say, thinking leads to blogging. Here's a post about 14 potential replacements for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show to get you thinking.

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One thought on “Who could replace Jon Stewart on The Daily Show? Here are 14 possibilities

  1. I vote Lewis Black. I LOVE Giraldo, but TDS is all wrong for him.
    An Aside: Janeane Garofalo is really too radical and partisan to be interesting on TDS. Stewart and Black can see the absurdity in politics in general; Garofalo is really only concerned with stupid Republicans. Not as interesting. And not “connected to the world around her,” either. Not even close.

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