We're only halfway through 2009, but already, methinks we can award the Oscar for Best Misdirection Campaign by a Movie to Funny People, because while everything we've seen about the actual movie suggests that it is a melodrama about what happens when a famous stand-up comedian faces the prospect of dying (both literally and figuratively), all of the accompanying publicity for the movie is outlandishly slapstick and in-your-face funny. Such is the case, again, with the site Laugh Your Dick Off, which is the home for one of the movie's characters, played by Aziz Ansari. In the movie, his "Raaaaaaaandy" persona has an onstage DJ sidekick and an aggressive attitude. Note to Internet programmers: Videos that automatically start when you put them on any page? Not cool. That's one of the ways you brought down MySpace. Way to go. (If you want to see Raaaaaaaandy in action, video after the jump)

Coincidentally, Ansari is recording his own hourlong DVD special tonight in Los Angeles, and will include a Raaaaaaaandy set for the extras.