There have been plenty of great Mad Men parodies released unto the Internets. Just click here, or here, or as of last week, even here. But then in the wee hours of this morning, Funny or Die shared this with me. As much as I am from Boston, I am not from Boston, which means that this spoof MA Men, where the ad men have been replaced by "Massholes," had me rolling with laughter from start to finish. Accents? Check. Teddy Ballgame? Check. Sawx? Check. Unnecessary profanity, with special attention directed toward the Yankees? F-yeah check. Kelly's Roast Beef reference? With sauce. Wonderland? Dunkin? Bonding over Fenway Park.

It's so wicked retahded funny, and then when I watched it the third time, I was laughing and thinking about how this even has New Kid On The Block's Joey McIntyre, and I realized that this thing has that same hilarious appreciation of "Massholes" that the actor formerly known as Marky Mark Wahlberg (brother of New Kid Donnie) brought to every single one of his scenes in The Departed. Which means the Oscar for Best Mad Men Parody goes to MA Men. This almost makes up for the UCB's Del Close Marathon not featuring its tribute to Boston ("Wicked F*ck*n' Queeyah") this summer. Roll the clip!

MA Men from Joey McIntyre


Written by Jamie Denbo, and starring Joey McIntyre, Nate Corddry, Rob Delaney, Jessica Chafin, Nat Faxon and Denbo.