Rhys Darby has a stand-up special: “Imagine That”

If you missed Comedy Central's network television debut of Rhys Darby's stand-up special, "Imagine That," well, then, you missed it. Or did you, really? Comedy Central broadcast the special at midnight Friday, with no plans for future broadcasts on the schedule, at least for the time being (with Comedy Central, specials can reappear at any time, and sometimes at the oddest times). Anyhow. You want to know how "Murray" from HBO's Flight of the Conchords is as a stand-up?

Turns out he's an odd mix of his self-deprecating character from the HBO show, lightweight stories about his childhood and history in the New Zealand (or is it Kiwi?) army, with a heaping portion of sound-effects as if he were New Zealand's answer to Michael Winslow. Which he may very well be. No, seriously. That's what you get. I was as surprised myself when I first saw him make helicopter and robot noises during a live spot in one of Ellen Degeneres' variety shows at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival. So you are forewarned, or at least sitting down now? Good. Here is a clip of Rhys Darby doing his robot:

And now, here is he showing us how when he played war as a kid, he really got into it. Cue the guns:

Imagine That was filmed in 2008 at the El Rey in Los Angeles, and came out on DVD late last year. But despite airing on Comedy Central, it's not available for North Americans to buy on DVD (import only!). So you'll just have to be content with getting your Rhys Darby fix via Internet videos and Flight of the Conchords. Which may just as well be for the best. Imagine that.

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