Iliza Shlesinger spoofs Audrina Patridge Carl’s Jr. bikini burger ad

With no Last Comic Standing on this summer's NBC schedule, we're left to wonder what's new with the last LCS winner, Iliza Shlesinger. So. What's new? Well, it looks like she's keeping busy, and in better shape than ever in this brand-new spoof of the Carl's Jr. bikini burger ad with one of them thar Hills "stars" Audrina Patridge. Here's the link for the original Audrina Patridge Carl's Jr. ad — now see this supposedly "pre- touch-up" version with Shlesinger, and, I think our comedian trumps our starlet in the overall body of work (literally and figuratively). Roll the clip!

Shlesinger shows she'll go to great lengths for the joke. But then there's the flip side of that, in which we wonder (even while enjoying it) about the predicament of good-looking comedians who use their good looks to their advantage. And then that makes me wonder, since when did comedians get to be attractive, anyhow, and is that allowed? Or are we supposed to be forever the schlubs and ugly ducklings? Or, is it possible for a comedian to start out a schlub/duckling and blossom into a stud/swan?

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4 thoughts on “Iliza Shlesinger spoofs Audrina Patridge Carl’s Jr. bikini burger ad

  1. the irony is to make this same commercial, Iliza could have just recorded a voiceover to all her LCS bikini footage.

  2. I’d imagine it’s actually harder for a good-looking comedian, because there’s an assumption that somehow he/she has had it easy and not been through any crap in his/her life, so what could the standup be about? I completely disagree with this stance– but I think it’s very real and inhibits comedians who are photogenic or good-looking. My feeling is, funny is funny, regardless of looks. I think that Amy Poehler is really pretty, and f-ing hilarious.

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