Movie trailer: Ricky Gervais in “The Invention of Lying”

So the directorial debut from Ricky Gervais has a new title — it's no longer "This Side of the Truth," it's now back to original title, "The Invention of Lying" — and a new trailer. The film imagines an alternate reality in which everyone tells the truth all of the time, until Gervais becomes the first and only person to figure out how to lie. Hijinx ensue. Louis CK plays his sidekick, Jennifer Garner his love interest, and Rob Lowe and Tina Fey are among his many foils. Watch!

Gervais also had a message for his fans and critics, wanting them to put this trailer and movie in its proper perspective. He wrote on his blog

As I've said before, some will love the movie and some will hate it. Some will hate it so much that they will also hate the fact that some people love it. Most that love it won't care that some people hate it. Some that love it will also love the fact that some people hate it. I am one of those people, but I also love the fact that some people will love it. You get the point. 

Dear critics (everyone), when judging the film, please remember that it is a high concept, PG 13 romantic comedy. It's not Schindler's List or The Godfather. If you compare it to serious works of genius it will not fair that well. If you compare it to many other lighthearted comedy movies it will do rather well. I know full well that some will hold it up to scrutiny like I think it is Citizen Kane. But I don't. One reviewer said that the Extras Christmas Special was sub-Dickens. Really? An episode of a sitcom wasn't as good as the greatest storyteller of the last 500 years maybe? Poor. Very poor. 

I blame The Office.

So from now on let every comedy be judged against The Office. 

That's fair. Or maybe we should just take things for what they are. 

The Invention Of Lying is a fun adventure with some great comic actors saying some funny things. (In my opinion.) But who am I to judge? Well I'm the bloke that did The Office. And that's brilliant. Better than Dickens. And much better than that fucking awful Extras.

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