Video series: Stand-Up Apartment

This serves as your very own pop quiz on comedy. In the online series, "Stand-Up Apartment," Brown Levinson-Butler and King Ace are two New York City stand-up comedians who decided to turn their apartment into a comedy club. In reality, it's Greg Johnson (who hosts a Sunday night show at Pianos in NYC) and Kenny Zimlinghaus (who hosts a morning comedy show on Sirius XM satellite radio, wherever you have the ability to access satellites). Three episodes are up so far, and see how many of the references and names you can recognize. I scored a perfect 100! But I'm The Comic's Comic. How about you? This may be very inside, very meta, but it's also a funny look at how comedians feel about the show business. How were they tonight? "They were weird." FYI, if you need help, Greg's the one wearing a different baseball cap in each episode. Enjoy:

The first two episodes are after the jump…

Episode #1

Episode #2

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