Bobmarleyrecord Bob Marley followed through with his promise this week of breaking the world record for longest individual stand-up performance by taking the stage for a 40-hour set this week at the Comedy Connection in Portland, Maine.

Ch. 8, WMTW in Portland, has the story, sort of. At 9:10 p.m., Marley broke the existing record from Australian Lindsay Webb by hitting 38 hours, 10 minutes. WMTW has footage of that moment. Marley then continued performing until 11 p.m. to hit the 40-hour mark. His effort also raised more than $12,000 for the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital. Congrats!

If you'd like to see highlights from the performance, then you can check out Bob Marley's World Record site on Ustream.

If you cannot wait for someone to try to break that record, then, please, by all means, wait. We don't need this to become a recurring thing, do we?