Mike Huckabee cracks jokes, live from Ochi’s Lounge

Here is some footage of Mike Huckabee, telling jokes and answering questions at the live comedy show put on by The Full Ginsburg on Saturday, June 13, 2009, at Ochi's Lounge, the basement space of Comix in New York City. You'll learn: When people speculated that Huckabee might be the GOP's Vice Presidential pick last summer, he was still taking out his own garbage; that Huckabee had one of The Full Ginsburg's cast members on his FOX News program; that he really admires and wants to see Tina Turner live in concert; and that he can crack a joke about Michael Phelps. "It's a comedy club, people!"

Sean L. McCarthy

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2 thoughts on “Mike Huckabee cracks jokes, live from Ochi’s Lounge

  1. Seems like an odd avenue to get votes for Huckabee considering its such a small avenue and so niche. Clearly he’s just a comedy lover and enjoys entertaining.
    It will win him some cool points and maybe even some votes. Like the time Janeane Garofalo respected John McCain, when McCain showed an attraction to friend Amy Poehler. But ultimately politics wins out.
    In fact, the John McCain template of being hip, appealing to the youth with a sense of humor is no ticket to success. Something tells me the ‘Full Ginsburg’ audience and the Glenn beck ‘Common Sense Tour’ audience don’t overlap. A failed opportunity perhaps? But its clear it wasn’t a cynical vote-getting exercise, and even if it was its too small to matter

  2. Maybe, just maybe, Huckabee does not have some super secret plan to conquer the world through comedy venues… but just likes doing it. If you are a communicator, and someone with a sense of humor, you want to to exercise that ability at every opportunity out of habit.

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