I had heard about these new ads for Midol, but until last night, I had not actually seen any of them on my TV. That's when comedian Lynne Koplitz showed up in high-definition plasma, depicted onstage in a comedy club setting, to say this:

Nice to see Koplitz get the national commercial. Also interesting to see Midol go directly to stand-up comedians for the sales pitch, instead of some indirect humor. Less interesting? PMS jokes that could be construed as either hacky or as a setback for the womenfolk. Both Amelie Gillette, writer of The Onion's Hater column, and the ladies who talk about comedy at Wisecrack Magazine aren't exactly overjoyed about this campaign. I'm neither a lady nor experiencing PMS, right now. I can relate, however, to the notion of taking a gig because you need/want money and exposure, even when you realize it's not something you may want to put on the highlight reel for your lifetime achievement award.

After the jump, watch Midol Comedy's other short stand-up comedy commercial, featuring Lauren Ashley Bishop: