Listing the best comedians on Twitter seems about as fruitless an enterprise as listing the best comedians onstage, or in a kitchen — no, wait, I suppose if we're talking about comedians cooking, that might be easier to judge — because there's no accounting for any individual's particular taste. Unless, again, we're talking about cooking. But we're not. We're talking about comedy.

And yet, organizations are trying to quantify funny Tweets and Tweeters. Trying? Well, they're doing is what they're doing.

Rooftop Comedy is accepting votes right now, should you wish to weigh in on whom you think is the funniest Twitter Tweeter of them all.

The folks over at Mashable have provided us with a list of 85 comedians on Twitter, though reading the list, it appears as though their particular interests are literally all over the map.

And then there's Comedy Tweet, which appears to be a site that aggregates the Twitter comedians for you in one stalkerish location online. Looks like they've been adding comedians left and right today. Perhaps that's because they launched today. Newbies!

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