Month: May 2009

Brett Gelman’s “Mr. Celebrity” guide to befriending celebrities

What if Brett Gelman's character, Sam, aka "Mr. Celebrity," went from telling you how to make friends with celebrities, to actually showing you how his techniques work successfully in real life? That's what you get in this short film on Funny or Die. Features appearances by Jon Hamm, Janeane Garofalo and Michael Cera. (Video includes a few profanities) Enjoy! How to Make Friends with Celebrities – watch more funny...

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Pete Correale’s “The Things We Do For Love”

First piece of mail received at my new HQ: A package containing the DVD for Pete Correale's new stand-up special, "The Things We Do For Love," which debuts tonight on Comedy Central. Ding, ding, ding! Tell the senders what they win: A fresh review. Wait. That's it? Yes. That's it. And here we go… Pete Correale has an everyman's appeal. Married. Has a dog. Things are good, but maybe only because he tries so hard to avoid confrontations. He's just like you, right? Which explains how he gets through life and his relationship, whether it's building IKEA furniture together, or trying to keep up with other couples on double-dates, and especially in knowing the power of sharing gossip. Between bits about how he keeps his marriage running smoothly, Correale shares his observations about drinking, smoking, musical instruments (why does anyone play the recorder, anyhow?), and more. Correale was supposed to get the chance to promote his special on Late Show with David Letterman last week, but he got bumped when an auto chairman's talk with Letterman went long. Personally, I'd rather hear observational comedy from someone like Correale about how the auto manufacturers screwed the pooch than listen to excuses from a CEO. Oh well. Correale told me his Letterman date was getting rescheduled — too late to advance tonight's airing on Comedy Central. But I'll help spread the...

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Dov Davidoff special tapes tonight in North Hollywood

Lots of unpacking and catching up to do on my end of the Internet, but wanted to let you know that if your end of the Internet happens to be in the Los Angeles area tonight, then you can catch a free taping of Dov Davidoff's newest stand-up special. Davidoff will tape shows at 7 and 9 p.m. tonight at the El Portal Theater in North Hollywood, Calif. Details...

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TBS launching late-night stand-up series in November

TBS will use its inaugural partnership with Just For Laughs Chicago to launch a 10-episode late-night TV series devoted to showcasing up-and-coming stand-up comedians. Tim Meadows (SNL) will host The Very Funny Show, which will tape 30 comedians (or three per episode) at Zanies June 19-20 during JFL Chicago, broadcasting them weekly come November (paired somehow with the George Lopez offering? or maybe on the weekends against SNL and Wanda Sykes???). Many of the stand-ups getting exposure in the initial run on TBS already have a TV credit or two. The lineups will include: Bob Marley, Dwight Slade, Steve Byrne, Andrew Kennedy, Al Madrigal, Joe Matarese, Dwayne Perkins, Jeff Dye, John Caparulo, Nick Thune, Erin Jackson and Louis Ramey. And representing the Chicago area: Patti Vasquez, Rocky LaPorte, Hannibal Buress, Matt Braunger, John Roy, Sebastian Mansicalco, John Mulaney, TJ Miller, and Dale Jones. Sounds a lot like something in between what Comedy Central has been doing with its Live at Gotham and half-hour Comedy Central Presents series. Here's what Dennis Adamovich, senior VP and g.m. of the TBS comedy festivals, had to say about it: "This series demonstrates how our comedy festivals are more than just first-rate showcases through which we can extend the TBS brand. They are also an outstanding opportunity to mine fresh talent for the network's comedy...

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Philadelphia comedians “invade” NYC

If you notice a little more brotherly love, or aggressive audience behavior, this weekend, then perhaps you have stumbled upon this weekend's Philly invasion of NYC! J/K. Sort of. What do I know? This: Over the next four nights (May 28-31), Philadelphia stand-up comedians, sketch and improv groups will take over the Under St. Mark's Theater in the East Village for eight shows. Get your ticket and lineup information for the PHIT in NYC shows here! (Thanks to Comic vs. Audience for hollering my...

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