Pete Correale’s “The Things We Do For Love”

First piece of mail received at my new HQ: A package containing the DVD for Pete Correale's new stand-up special, "The Things We Do For Love," which debuts tonight on Comedy Central. Ding, ding, ding! Tell the senders what they win: A fresh review. Wait. That's it? Yes. That's it. And here we go…

Pete Correale has an everyman's appeal. Married. Has a dog. Things are good, but maybe only because he tries so hard to avoid confrontations. He's just like you, right? Which explains how he gets through life and his relationship, whether it's building IKEA furniture together, or trying to keep up with other couples on double-dates, and especially in knowing the power of sharing gossip. Between bits about how he keeps his marriage running smoothly, Correale shares his observations about drinking, smoking, musical instruments (why does anyone play the recorder, anyhow?), and more.

Correale was supposed to get the chance to promote his special on Late Show with David Letterman last week, but he got bumped when an auto chairman's talk with Letterman went long. Personally, I'd rather hear observational comedy from someone like Correale about how the auto manufacturers screwed the pooch than listen to excuses from a CEO. Oh well. Correale told me his Letterman date was getting rescheduled — too late to advance tonight's airing on Comedy Central. But I'll help spread the word. Here's a clip from the special/DVD, in which Correale talks about Christmas cards with dogs on them, and his own idea for one. Roll it!

More clips after the jump…

When Pete Correale first met his wife, this conversation happened. He is too old for fighting, and other things:

And this is from the opening routine from Correale's special, in which he details his love for drinking, but also his warning to others:

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