Who needs Last Comic Standing when we have Oprah?

We don't know what is happening in Oprah's world, but something is awry. Over the past month or so, Oprah has tried learning Facebook and Twitter during live broadcasts, and now she is seeking wannabe stand-up comedians. What is this? Straight from her site to ours, and now to your eyeballs which have just exploded into flames. Click on Oprah's site here if you must.

Are you a comedian just waiting to be discovered?

Are you a funny person? Are you always the life of the party?  Do you day dream about becoming a comedian someday, maybe even practicing your material in front of the mirror from time to time? Do you have other Mom's and Dad's constantly cracking up? Do you feel like you are destined for the improv stage or the comedy circuit?  Do people constantly tell you how hilarious you are?   We want to know if you think you are America's next big comedian.  If you want a chance to wow us with your jokes, this may be your chance. 

Please only respond if you are willing to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show. 

Sean L. McCarthy

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4 thoughts on “Who needs Last Comic Standing when we have Oprah?

  1. They want people who don’t already do stand-up but make other mom’s and dad’s crack up to come tell jokes on Oprah’s show? I think that might actually be worse LCS.

  2. The link is no longer up — so you’ll have to stay tuned to see who they lured onto the big Oprah show!

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