Here's something you don't see every day: A comedy CD in the top 10 overall in sales on Apple's iTunes. Congrats to Jim Gaffigan on the early success of "King Baby," which came out yesterday as a CD or DVD.

All of Gaffigan's vlogs and Tweets last week certainly must have helped. But not as much as following through on the promise by delivering a funny special that you'll want to listen to or watch again and again. As someone who runs my own career, more or less, I know that it's tricky to figure out how shameless to be in terms of self-promotion. You want people to notice you, but don't want to annoy potential new fans or turn off current fans. Gaffigan, I think, provides a happy reminder that as long as you have a product worth promoting, you better let people know about it.

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Jim Gaffigan - King Baby