Ricky Gervais talks comedy with Larry David

This is great. You may have seen it already. I had not. The bad news: We don't get to see TV this great in the States. The good news: YouTube brings the whole thing to us from the U.K., and you should watch all six parts of this comedy chat between Ricky Gervais and Larry David. (Thanks to Matt Ruby for pointing this out)

In part two, we see how Sgt. Bilko and Laurel and Hardy influenced The Office and Curb Your Enthusiasm, and also how comedians know a lot more about honesty than other people.

In part three, they expand upon the importance of honesty, speaking the bad thought, and David's writing process, and "Jewish" humor.

In part four, Gervais wonders what he really has to complain about, and how that changed before and after he became famous. And how fame impacted David.

Part five has Gervais acknowledging how well David was able to get real-life situations into his comedies without having to wedge them in, unlike other comedies starring stand-ups. Real is better. Example: Having a character laugh at another character instead of trying to respond with another joke.

Things wrap up and Gervais and David wonder what they'd do without comedy.

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