“Sit Down, Shut Up” Promo Battle Comparison

FOX has launched a new series of promotions for the upcoming animated comedy, Sit Down, Shut Up, which debuts April 19 in the network's Sunday animation block. The promos play up the reunion of Arrested Development cast members Jason Bateman and Will Arnett, which is good for all of the people who loved that sitcom but also odd because FOX didn't really stand by that award-winning show, did it now? Also odd, the promos don't even really talk about what Sit Down, Shut Up is about. Does it matter?

Answer: Of course it does…The comedy revolves around the teachers at a Florida high school. Here is a promotional video from a table read in 2008 that spells it all out, with a look at the cast that includes Henry Winkler, Cheri Oteri, Nick Kroll, Will Forte, Kenan Thompson and Tom Kenny. You'll note that during this clip, Maria Bamford plays the science teacher that Bateman's character has a crush on — since then, Bamford informed us in a previous Comic's Comic interview that she had been fired (though still retained for some minor voice parts), and we see she has been subsequently replaced by Kristen Chenowith. Coincidentally, Bamford shows up right at the midway point of the promo clip, thereby securing screengrab status for eternity on the YouTube. Would you have known it was Bamford if they didn't show her speaking?

Want to see another promo that adds about another minute of background exposition? Your wish shall be granted after the jump!

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