They saw the Larry the Cable Guy Roast so that you could live

Comedy Central's Roast of Larry the Cable Guy taped its raucous proceedings last night in the greater Los Angeles area, and through the power of the Internets, we already know the best parts. Thanks go to The Laugh Track, the Tweets of @dougbenson, and CCInsider's Matt Tobey for providing us with their picks of the best zingers and photos from inside the taping. Does this mean we don't have to tune in on March 15. Or does this tease you enough to set your DVRs and TiVos already? That's up to you, isn't it?

Video previews already up from Lisa Lampanelli, Greg Giraldo, and (big gulp) Maureen McCormick!

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2 thoughts on “They saw the Larry the Cable Guy Roast so that you could live

  1. What the heck was wrong with Jeff Foxworthy on the Larry the Cable Guy Roast? He really looked like he was getting angry about the jokes some of the comedians said…jokes, darn it!! Jokes!! Not meant to be taken to heart! Sheesh…made me feel uncomfortable watching it after I saw him reacting that way.

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