Comedy Central Presents: Pete Lee

Coming off of a long holiday weekend, sometimes you just want to kick back and take some extra time off, only to realize that the comedy news is piling up and needs to get delivered. All of which is to say that Comedy Central presented Pete Lee's first Comedy Central Presents over the Valentine's/President's Day weekend. In his half-hour, Lee, who moved to New York City from Wisconsin, jokes about how he's not that tough — from his name to his posture to his voice. He says he realizes he is about as tough as a mustache on a blond guy. And did he mention that his father is an interior decorator? Yes, he did. But Pete Lee also acknowledges that he is passive-aggressive, and wants you to remember this one handy insult: "You look fat when you cry."

Roll the clip!

Related: Lee put his entire set up on Vimeo. The mopeds in the background figure into at least two of his bits.

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