A Special Thing gets bloggy, shoots promo for Dana Gould with Bob Odenkirk

Some of you comedy nerds already knew about this, because comedy nerds are more likely to spend time debating who's funnier or sending fan mail to a comedian via message boards such as A Special Thing (who am I kidding here? obviously this is going to sound loony the minute I decide to launch my own message board and pander/beg for you all to contribute to it). Did you make it this far? Great. Here's the news: A Special Thing's home page is now a comedy blog. At least I don't have to update my blogroll for that. (But if I am missing your page on my blogroll, please let me know!)

One of the first things AST did on the blog was shoot its own YouTube video, this one promoting Dana Gould's latest stand-up DVD via a backstage conversation with director Bob Odenkirk.

For those of you who think my home page has too many embedded videos, I've placed it after the jump!

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