Month: February 2009

When Jimmy Fallon met Robert DeNiro

Probably more than a few folks raised their proverbial eyebrows when NBC announced that Robert DeNiro would be Jimmy Fallon's first guest when Late Night with Jimmy Fallon debuts on Monday, March 2. DeNiro long has held a reputation for being a tough interview, with more than a few magazine profiles about the actor focusing on just how difficult the process was. But the network recently released this clip that shows the two have sat side-by-side on camera before, when DeNiro popped in on the Weekend Update desk at Saturday Night Live in 2000. There's an element of the moment earlier this season when Mark Wahlberg confronted Andy Samberg about Samberg's Wahlberg impersonation. And yet. I'm not sure this helps as much as it harms, though, because yes, acting is involved here, but anyone who thinks Fallon gets too nervous in panel chats or laughs at himself just a little too much only will think, case closed. If you cannot watch on Hulu, perhaps the MySpace link or the NBC link works better? And by the way, Tina...

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Are you ready for your audition?

All over the country, stand-up comedians are preparing for auditions — comics try out for commercial roles, sitcoms and film parts all of the time — but this week, there's the added bonus of special showcases for Montreal's Just For Laughs Festival. I got to sit in on an industry showcase the other night for, among other things, Comedy Central's upcoming season of Live at Gotham. Most everyone scored laughs with the audience and the scouts. Of them all, though, I'd like to talk about TuRae's set, because I think he did something that even Simon Cowell over on American Idol would have approved. And no, TuRae did not sing. Millions of you watching the live semifinal telecasts (and even any of the past seasons) of Idol undoubtedly have heard Simon and the other judges criticize bad performances and highlight others with the same main points: You need to bring it with your best stuff, show us your range, make us remember you, be yourself, but also tell us a little about who you are, exactly. All of these keys apply just as well to stand-up comedians. I first saw TuRae as a "new face" last summer in Montreal. A Philly native, he now lives in New York City. When I saw TuRae again this week, his act struck a closer chord with me. We're both in our mid-30s,...

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Patton Oswalt’s new babies: CD, Comedy Central special, and actual baby

"I'm expecting a daughter at the end of April…(applause break)…I just hope she gets my looks and personality!"— Patton Oswalt, last weekend at Carolines in New York City, during a set full of material about how he'll have to change his lifestyle once he becomes a father. And also "sky cakes." He is recording his performances tomorrow, Feb. 28, 2009, in D.C., for his third CD as well as a new Comedy Central...

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In other news, blogs…

February is wrapping up with some interesting and curious comedy items to relay from around the Internets. To wit: — Dave Chappelle performed a four-hour set earlier this morning (as in late last night) at the Comic Strip Live in New York City, and comedian/employee Adam Cozens took advantage of being bumped to take some photomographs. Cozens said only 17 of the 60 audience members managed to stay for the full show. But could they, or Chappelle, do 50 hours at the Strip? (Earlier: The world record 50-hour marathon show at the Strip)— Coincidentally, at the same time Chappelle was doing a surprise set at the Strip, Chris Rock stopped in for an unannounced set at the Comedy Cellar in the Village. Less coincidental, perhaps, the model who has been engaged in a decade-long lawsuit against Rock had her files unsealed (Los Angeles Times).— Comedy Central Insider has compiled a list of 100 funny Twitter feeds to follow. I am on it. Follow me @thecomicscomic.— Among the new Twitter members this week: Dane Cook and Louis CK. A clip of Louis CK on Conan from October apparently has gotten some renewed mileage on YouTube this week. Why? Because it's funny. That's why. Louis CK also reported via Twitter that he has postponed taping his new DVD (was planned for March 14 in Boston — show will go on, but...

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