David Letterman apologizes for banning Bill Hicks

Will have more to say on this later, but here is a link to edited footage of David Letterman acting very gracious with Mary Hicks, mother of the late comedian Bill Hicks, before airing the Oct. 1, 1993 set Hicks performed that got cut from the initial broadcast. Click here, or watch here:

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5 thoughts on “David Letterman apologizes for banning Bill Hicks

  1. letterman seemed as genuine as letterman can be… hicks was brilliant and it’s so sad to think of how his work would have evolved and pushed the envelope
    many times throughout the bush administration myself or a friend would say, ‘what would hicks say about that?’

  2. I am 50/50 as to whether this is a fake retroactive “apology” that he is doing for ratings, or if it’s genuine. But it is still emotional. RIP, Bill. You are not forgotten by us practitioners of the dark arts. I very rarely shed a tear, but that made a few sneak out.

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