Katt Williams “Tink Tink” bit done up in animation

Katt Williams's 2008 special, It's Pimpin' Pimpin, makes it TV debut this coming weekend on Comedy Central (times and dates here), but the folks at Clyde Comedy have done gone and already re-imagined one of his bits, about poor lil Tink Tink trying to enter a running race, as a cartoon. Here it is (note: language is definitely NSFW):

After the jump, the live onstage version of this bit…

And here is how it looks when Katt Williams tells it onstage:

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One thought on “Katt Williams “Tink Tink” bit done up in animation

  1. Didn’t like the animation on this one as much as the Tigers but the story behind it is meaningful. So, did you check out ‘Internet Dating, ”Katthouse Comedy’ or ‘It Ain’t Easy’… yet??
    PS – It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin’ has followed KW Live by going audio. Not sure of the necessity of the CD in my car to the film but… whatever makes these people $$ I guess, huh??

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