Dane Cook’s “Isolated Incident” coming in May

You know how I noticed in November when seeing Dane Cook in Las Vegas that he seemed to have matured or, rather, calmed down onstage as a performer? Turns out that was not an isolated incident. His upcoming TV special and CD/DVD with Comedy Central, however, is called just that: "Isolated Incident." It shall debut May 17 on TV and May 19 as a CD/DVD. In this clip, we can see that even Cook figured out that playing to a crowd of 20 on a Tuesday night forces you to act much differently than when you're playing to an arena of 20,000 screaming fans who could care less about your punchlines and are just happy to be there. Especially when, as Cook told me in November, he has been through so much personally. Roll the clip (slightly NSFW):

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3 thoughts on “Dane Cook’s “Isolated Incident” coming in May

  1. It seems to me that Dane Cook is taking the right step. It will help with his comedy in the long run. He may tone it down abit and lose some of the people that only listen to him for the vaulgarity of his acts but this special will bring out a new Dane that will show us his true comedic talents that he has to offer.

  2. I watched his special on Comedy Central last night, and I must say that he has indeed calmed down, but that’s part of his act. I’ve seen just about every special and comic routine he has done, though this one is good, being that he didn’t go overboard made it a bit…dull. Yes I was almost laughing to the point of crying on some things, but I feel as if there should have been something more.
    He still used quite vulgar humor, but if he’s going to do so, at least make it crazy as did before.

  3. Bought tickets to see him at blue cross dont know whut happened to him but he deffinatly doesnt care about his fans to only do a 45 min show when pp paid $100 for tickets it was dissapointing and made me think differently about him as comedian and actor.
    Not Happy

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