236.com, “Forgotten Heroes of Airport Bathroom Sex”

And here comes another surviving new player on the online comedy video front, The Huffington Post's financed humor arm, 236.com, with a new video looking back on the lewd conduct arrest of U.S. Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho), who, you may not recall, never did resign his office after getting caught trying to hook up with another guy in an airport bathroom in Minnesota. Nope. Craig is still in the Senate. So here's a reason to toast the forgotten heroes of anonymous airport bathroom sex, with featured starring roles by Jon Benjamin, Tom Shillue, Todd Barry and Aimee Mann. Surprisingly almost safe for work!

Sean L. McCarthy

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One thought on “236.com, “Forgotten Heroes of Airport Bathroom Sex”

  1. God this shit is just not funny. It is like a bunch of bad SNL episodes senselessly strung together. 23/6 …. Oh I get it like 24/7 just one less – how incredibly 7th grade. Republican or Democrat these clips are just not humorous. You can tell Benjy and the crew think they are just brilliant, and they must be impressed as hell by themselves, but geez this shit is a waste of whatever medium used to record it.
    Benjy you can do a lot better than this crap!

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