Month: November 2008’s Black Friday specials

Do your part to jumpstart the American economy by buying something, perhaps your favorite comedian's CD, DVD, book or, well, just about anything you and a loved one could want this holiday season at Today is "Black Friday," don't you know. Plus, I literally get pennies from each purchase you make. So…Start...

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Giving thanks to family, friends, readers

Just a quick note on this Thanksgiving morning to express my dearest thanks and gratitude to all of you who have supported me in the past year. When I left my day job a few days before Thanksgiving 2007, I did not know quite what to expect, and certainly could not have predicted the year that was. From the highs of meeting and in some cases becoming friend, critic and counsel to some of your favorite comedians, to the lows of seeing my entire life savings dwindle down to zero, and all of the adventures and misadventures in between, I have much to be thankful for today. Thank you to the comedians who have opened up your lives to me, becoming not only regular subjects in The Comic's Comic, but also regular readers of it. Thank you to the comedians across the country and around the world who have found the site, whether through word of mouth or Google alerts, and who have come back to read about others in the industry. Thank you to the readers and comedy fans who have come here looking for more in-depth information about the comedians you love to laugh with, and leaving your opinions in the comments or emailing me with your questions to pass along. Thank you to my friends who still have not laughed me out of my decision to...

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Introducing Abby Elliott

Abby Elliott, the 21-year-old newbie on the cast of Saturday Night Live, hasn't gotten much airtime in her first two weeks — vomiting in an SNL Digital Short, carrying a clapboard to set up the Beyonce-Justin Timberlake dance sketch, a line in last week's Thanksgiving dinner sketch — but that's to be expected, right? So we need to get to know Elliott better, and Fred Armisen sat down with Elliott after last weekend's SNL. I'm not sure this helps, but you can watch it on NBC, or watch it here via...

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Video: SNL #34.5 Josh Brolin in “Fart Face”

Here is a newly surfaced video from Saturday Night Live featuring a recent blast from the past, with Bill Hader, Will Forte and guest host Josh Brolin having fun in an office setting calling each other "Fart Face." Is it silly? Yes. Is it sophomoric? Maybe. Is there another layer to the dialogue upon additional viewing? That's for you to say. Watch it on NBC, or watch it here on...

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