The truth about Last Comic Driving

OK. So we’ve had more than a few weeks now of this silly little Last Comic Driving contest, and it’s time to spill some beans. For one thing, anyone else consider it odd that NBC put the first contestant, Andrew Norelli, up on Hulu, but no one else? Conspiracy? Or did they just think, er, maybe no one wants to see this again?

So far we’ve seen Andrew Norelli, Whitney Cummings, J. Chris Newberg, Jacob Sirof, Alycia Cooper and Eddie Pence take the not-so-hot seat in the Honda Pilot. In the back seats, it’s often hard to even hear what’s going on in the front. How do they fix this? Well, first off, the pay the passengers. Sure, you guessed that part already, didn’t you? I read online elsewhere that someone thought the other contestants were the passengers. Oh, what misery that would be. No, no. You shall pay me to sit in a car and listen to multiple takes of comedy. Also, you shall put this car on a trailer, because I don’t trust Brit lady to drive and talk and look at the camera at the same time. I like Brit lady. I really do. But, no driving in Los Angeles, please. In that case, why don’t you just park the car for a while? OK. Done. And, well, how are we supposed to hear what you’re saying with the air conditioning on? Alrighty then. Turn it off. That sounds like fun. I hope you’re not sweating too much back there in the back-back seats. Oh, you are? We’re not going to pay you extra for that. Sorry. This is so much more horrible than the last parallel online contest the show ran, and yet, well, someone will win $10,000, so at least one of the comedians will have something happy to remember from this miserable experience. Four more contestants to go…

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One thought on “The truth about Last Comic Driving

  1. The questions I’d like answered most about this season are:
    – Why is there a second host chick?
    – Why are these shows so long? It’s 50% recap of what you just watched before the previous commercial break.
    – Why so many sketch group/”vegas” type acts? Can’t we just stick to Stand-Up?

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