Bruno movie spoilers

When Sacha Baron Cohen pulled off the trick of "Borat" on enough unsuspecting Americans (mostly targeting the Bible Belt portions of the South who’d be more likely not to have known him or his character from HBO, and also easier pickings to mock their beliefs and values), many fans and movie critics wondered how and if he’d be able to pull off a similar feat with his gay Austrian fashionista reporter character, aka "Bruno." Well, technology and communication has changed so much in that timeframe that Cohen’s feat most likely will be a mixed bag. As the AP reported yesterday, Cohen’s attempt to crash a California rally about Prop 8 (gay marriage) ended abruptly when people figured out who he was. And there is a dedicated channel on YouTube called TheBrunoMovie that collects and copies clips of "Bruno" getting caught in action. Take their most recent clip of the California rally, which is obviously taken from Perez Hilton, which in turn shows credit from The Yellow Mic. Knowing the Bruno movie crashes that rally, as well as Milan Fashion Week, and does a weird dance in a Kansas airport terminal, does knowing all of that spoil the upcoming 2009 movie experience for you, or does it serve as a tease to heighten your interest?

The California Prop 8 Rally from early November 2008:

The Daily Mirror has footage from the Kansas airport terminal that clearly shows how Bruno fabricates meeting and dancing with an "arriving passenger":

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